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biomorphic geometric colorful abstract landscape lines painting masterwork interpretation
St. George and the Dragon (After Uccello)
Oil on Canvas

My masterwork reinterpretations are currently focused on various iterations of St. George and the Dragon. Uccello’s famous version of this story (he painted several) has long been a favorite of mine because of its abstract qualities and whimsy. At the same time, the story of St. George and the Dragon has the elements of external struggle that can be a metaphor for internal struggle. A couple years ago, I had a unique opportunity to visit London, where I saw as many paintings as I could in the space of two weeks. When I viewed Uccello’s St. George and the Dragon at The National Gallery, my interaction with it, though brief, left impressions that resonated for a long time. Months later, I painted an abstract reinterpretation of the painting that is particularly successful because of my viewing of the original.