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artwork installation sculpture colorful artwork progression PEX tubing reclaimed materials ladders
Brighten the Corners (detail)
Painted wood, garden hose, PEX tubing, reclaimed ladders
Variable, approximately 25' x 10' x 15'

I used several wooden ladders from my deceased father-in-law. The ladder in the foreground in this image has new, unclimbable rungs. The color is appealing, but the structure denies actual use. Reclaimed garden hose wraps around the ladder and other structures, securing them and giving a toy-like quality.

This work was completely accessible to anyone walking by. As with many of my installations, it was my task to secure objects enough that they would withstand a person's weight, yet at the same time create situations that would discourage climbing. The work was on view for over a month; when I returned for deinstallation, it was intact.