Mixed Media Installation > Intervals

artwork installation sculpture reclaimed materials
Reclaimed wood floor, reclaimed fabric, painted insulation foam
Variable, filling a room approximately 10'x15'x30'

My approach to the installation for Intervals was based on dividing up a rectangular space into more dynamic, irregular shapes. The triangle lends itself to division, splitting the rectangle into shapes with diagonal edges. Wherever the triangles overlap or meet each other, more triangles are created. With direct light, the triangles multiply even more with shadows that move across sculptural elements, walls, and each other. Surfaces that we normally think of as solid, floors and walls, appear more like remnants of a shipwreck organized into a temporary shelter. What appear to be fragments of walls (but are actually painted insulation foam) spread onto the floor and reach toward the ceiling.

In one corner of the gallery, the blackness of the ceiling seeps downward through the use of another flooring material, carpet, that has been cut up and nailed to the wall. Opposite this wall, a soft ladder that cannot be climbed leads from an unstable surface to a dead end. Yet in darkness, there is also light. As planar surfaces fragment and fall, cast shadows multiply, but so do new shapes that are illuminated. The spaces between cast shadows are even more abstracted from reality than the shadows, suggesting dimensions that are beyond our understanding.