Mixed Media Installation > I Changed, and then I Changed Again

Heather Brammeier installation Pen and Brush reclaimed wood
I Changed, and then I Changed Again
Reclaimed oak flooring, willow tree, chain

photo courtesy of Manny Fernandes

Exhibited at Pen and Brush Gallery in New York as part of Furies, Fairies, Visionaries, curated by Alice Gray Stites

Artists included in the exhibition:

Nidaa Badwan • Nancy Baker • Heather Brammeier • Zoë Buckman • Kate Clark • Monica Cook • E.V. Day • Ali Deane • Summer J. Hart • Rachel Lee Hovnanian • Rennie Jones • Danni Lin • Anne Linberg • Katja Loher • Sharon Louden • Christine Mace • Laura Magnusson • Paola Martínez Fiterre • Jillian Mayer • Felicita Maynard • Anne Peabody • Lina Puerta • Rowan Renee • Natalia Rivera • Naomi Safran-Hon • Alyson Shotz • Laetitia Soulier • Aleksandra Stone • Alida Wilkinson • Saya Woolfalk