Public Art > Brighten the Corners

Heather Brammeier installation Terrain Enos Park
Brighten the Corners
Painted wood, garden hose, PEX tubing, reclaimed ladders on vacant house
Dimensions variable

Terrain Biennial Enos Park Satellite, Springfield, IL

I worked with curator Mark Rospenda on this piece for the 2017 Terrain Biennial. Terrain is an ongoing project started by Sabina Ott, with the mission to put art in front yards and porches, making it free and accessible 24/7 to a broad audience. A number of homeowners in the Enos Park neighborhood of Springfield, Illinois allowed artists to work in the front yard of their properties. Mark and I selected this particular house, as it was uninhabited and had been for some time. The realtor and owner allowed me to attached work directly to the front of the house, and to paint on it. The “escape ladder” descends from an attic window with no glass and a rotting frame. The title Brighten the Corners refers to the initial disappointment neighbors expressed that I was not renovating the house, which later turned to appreciation that I transformed the façade of the house, at least temporarily.