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heather brammeier collaborative art installation iscp brooklyn fabric miniatures to carry to hold
To Carry, To Hold
Collaborative art installation including small works by international artists
Variable Dimensions

To Carry, To Hold was a collaborative exhibition in my studio while I was an artist in residence at International Studio and Curatorial Program in Brooklyn NY. In ISCP’s Studio #222, I created a large, vertical installation that integrated miniature works by other artists. Inspired by the common practice that artists have of gifting or trading small versions of their work, I invited artists to contribute either a miniature work that could sit on a shelf (made from a folded piece of painted canvas), or a work made on or attached to a pink triangle (also made from painted canvas). An historical precedent for this work is Kurt Schwitters' Merzbau. More recently, Sabina Ott created a large installation work that hosted many other artists' works at the Hyde Park Art Center, in the piece Who Cares for the Sky?

To Carry, To Hold will be exhibited in a new form, with more contributing artists, at the Contemporary Art Center in Peoria, January and February 2020.

Including work by artists: Peter Ahart, Jessica Bingham, Brandi Bowman, Michael Brown, Erin Buczynski, Randy Carlson, Jack Crouch, Alexandra Dupont, Alfonso Gozalbez, Nichole Gronvold-Roller, Emily Hoerdemann, Pei Hsuan-Wang, Chris Hutson, Anna Hutson, Doug Johnson, Yasemin Kackar Demirel, Susan Klein, Paul Komada, Margie Livingston, Nana Ekow Maison, Alexander Martin, Susan Moore, Martina Nehrling, Susanne Nestory, Nicholas Nyland, Carrie Patterson, Mark Rospenda, Natalia Zaluska