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Marisa Bernotti Heather Brammeier Nina Gospodin Real Tinsel collaborative art installation light art reclaimed materials interactive art international artist collaboration
Light Conversation, collaboration with Marisa Bernotti and Nina Gospodin
Light panel sculptures, painted insulation foam, altered handbags, rope and bell, found objects
Dimensions variable

Window installation at Real Tinsel Gallery, Milwaukee, WI

Marisa Bernotti (Uruguay), Nina Gospodin (Austria), and I collaborated through online and in-person conversations to create an installation that played off the storefront location of Real Tinsel Gallery. The three of us are founders of the international collective I Found U. We are artists who met during a residency with School of the Visual Arts in New York. The exhibition at Real Tinsel Gallery, Ephemeral Existence, was in partnership with other alumni from the SVA residency program. Because Light Conversation was in a storefront window, it was more than an artwork in a gallery, it was public art. The angled lights and objects emphasize dimunition in size as they move back in space. From inside the gallery, pulling a rope rang a bell, like one a shop would have to announce entry.